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‘You will all die’ angry air passenger says

An Israeli man who threatened to kill everyone on board a Qantas flight reportedly did so because he was unhappy with his economy seat.


Passenger David Peace has told News Limited the man requested to be moved to business class because he didn’t want to sit in economy during Thursday’s flight, and when that was denied he asked to sit in the cockpit with the pilot.

He said the man then began shouting that he would kill everyone by opening the door of the plane.

Qantas staff detained the man and he was taken off the plane by police in Hong Kong.

The plane has now reportedly landed safely in London.

‘Disruptive passenger’

Earlier Qantas said its staff had to restrain an Israeli man after he became “disruptive” on a flight to Hong Kong, the Australian airline said Thursday, amid claims he made threats to kill others and himself.

“We are confirming that on QF29, from Melbourne to Hong Kong, a disruptive passenger was restrained,” an airline spokeswoman told AFP.

The flight was met by Hong Kong authorities and the man was taken into custody, she said, adding that it was now a “police matter” and they had no further comment.

Hong Kong Police confirmed they received a request from the Qantas flight for assistance early this morning.

“The 23-year-old Israeli male passenger, surnamed Ariel, became ’emotional’ after complaining about the food and other services,” said a police spokesman.

Police said they would not charge the man as he did not cause any damage or harm other passengers.

The man is currently under medical observation at a Hong Kong hospital, the spokesman said.

One passenger told Sky News that the man started “running around” and saying he was going to kill himself and the rest of those on board by opening the door because it was “God’s will”.

The man was understood to have ignored a number of directions from the crew and was sectioned off from other passengers under staff guard until the end of the flight. He was not violent and no passengers were reported to be harmed.

The flight set off shortly before midnight (1100 GMT Thursday) and the man became agitated about four hours after takeoff, Qantas said.

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